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Is  your  child   attending  camp this  summer?   Is  it  their  first experience  away?  If yes, it can  be  an  experience  causing anxiety  for  you, for  the parent and the child. This experience can be frightening  to your child if  it  is  their  first  time  and  it is  so  important   that  they  do not  see your  worry  or  anxiety about leaving home for the first time…  especially if  it  is  sleep away  camp.  Oftentimes,  we project  our  own  concern  onto our   children   and  this   causes more tension and  worry.   Your child  may  sense your  anxiety and   start   worrying    as  well. Children     observe  and   mimic parents’ worries,  which  is why anxiety is contagious.


Thinking    about   camp   as   a positive  opportunity   may  help you  overcome  your concerns. Camp   is   a  perfect  place  for our  children  to  optimize  their psychosocial development. Summer camps are places where children get the experiences they need to boost their  self esteem and   learn   coping   strategies. Their    camp    activities    may include building  a fire, going on hikes, swimming, sports, fishing, boating  and  socializing.     


The camp  experience  provides  the opportunity   for  your  child   to establish new relationships with peers and adults.   It helps them build  self esteem because they are  relying  on  themselves and this  enhances confidence  and competency that will  carry them through  life.   Camp establishes a sense of belonging  with  their new    friendships    and    team activities   and  it   allows   even the  most  timid   of  children  to develop a stronger sense of self in   becoming   self  reliant   and responsible people.


Camp  is  a  perfect  place  for your  child  to grow  emotionally and intellectually.    We all want what  is  best for  our  children. If   you  are  not   sending  your child  to  camp because of  your

own  fears, work  on yourself so that  you  can  offer  a  learning experience to your child.  Know that although it is uncomfortable to  face   something  new,  if   it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.


At the Hellenic Therapy Center,

567 Park Avenue, Scotch Plains, NJ we have a team of licensed professionals    available     for counseling   day,  evening   and weekend   hours.     Visit   us  at www.hellenictherapy.com  or on Facebook or call 908-322-0112.

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