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angry young couple with therapist

Infidelity Counseling Services

At the Hellenic Therapy Center, we will help in normalizing your feelings. What you are experiencing is a normal and appropriate response to an acutely traumatizing experience. We will work with the hurt partner in overcoming the profound sense of loss and with the unfaithful partner in overcoming conflicting choices and emotions.


We also assist in helping you decide whether to recommit to the relationship. If you choose to recommit to each other, you may in time come to see that it was not a horrific trauma, but rather a wake-up call for you both. We discuss the problems which led to the infidelity. In some cases, an affair will strengthen your marriage.


There are different types of losses that you might experience including loss of identity, sense of specialness, self respect, religious faith, connection with others, sense of purpose. Fear of intimacy and fear of change are common.


Rebuilding your relationship will take time to restore. You will learn ways in how to begin to trust your partner and accept intimacy. We also work on forgiveness.

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