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Pain Management Therapy

Christina H. Chororos

Christina founded Kairos Chronic Pain Coaching in the fall of 2017 after obtaining her Integrative Wellness Life Coaching certification from the Integrative Wellness Academy. She is a decade-long deep infiltrating endometriosis sufferer, speaker and, suicide prevention + chronic pain patient advocate. 

Hellenic Center Mission


Kairos Chronic Pain Coaching's mission is to provide profound pain management coaching interventions, par excellence, that ultimately foster the paradigm shift needed to change the way chronic pain is approached by both chronic pain sufferer, family and, within the healthcare sector.


Rooted in holistic, integrative, patient-centered, methodologies, Kairos Chronic Pain Coaching is committed to providing evidence-based education and mind-body techniques that help chronic pain sufferers let go of the life they exist in so they can successfully create a new life, worth living. 


Hellenic Center Vision


EDUCATE our clients, their caretakers and/or families about chronic pain and consequential psychiatric disorders. One of our crucial goals is to support, guide and arm our clients with the necessary tools needed to strike a balance in what Zig Ziglar identified as the 7 core areas of life - these are physical health, personal + social, work + career, family, spiritual, financial and mind/intellect, or more broadly, the mental, emotional, physical and, spiritual body systems. 

In addition to educating our clients and their families, our team has fostered a continuing education mindset by staying current through professional webinars, conferences, and training.  


ACCOMMODATE  our clients by offering care that respects their needs, values, and beliefs. We believe that by individualizing each client's wellness program and responding to social preferences, geographic limitations, socioeconomic background, and lifestyle complications, a higher probability of long-term success can be achieved. Furthermore, current research supports this belief. 


FACILITATE an environment that fosters learning, trust, and growth in order for our client's to master self-management tools for pain management, emotional regulation, effective communication both with self and others, thinking patterns and paradigm shifts.  


EVALUATE client's at the beginning, mid-way, and end of our wellness programs with the latest validated pain assessments in order to measure efficacy, progress, and success of our treatment plans. 


ADVOCATE for subjects that matter most to chronic pain sufferers, their caregivers, and families via education, legislation and, awareness.   


COLLABORATE with leading healthcare professionals, research institutions and professional organizations by sharing our outcomes and data. Additionally, we partner with our client's treating physicians so care is unified, concurrent and synchronous. 




Kairos Chronic Pain Coaching aims to become part of the opioid epidemic solution by educating, supporting and guiding the 100 million* Americans estimated to be living in chronic pain holistic, non-pharmacologic, evidence-based pain management and coping methods. 


We believe in respecting, honoring and upholding your beliefs and views knowing that you are the authority in your own life. 


We promise to "First, Do No Harm"


We believe in establishing a safe, private, honest and nonjudgmental environment for you to grow in.  


We believe that always is always wrong and never is never right....with one exception - "the golden rule" (treating others the way we'd want to be treated) is always right.


We promise to walk our talk and walk our walk, even when no one is looking.


We believe that everyone is doing the best he or she can with the resources he or she has.


We promise to offer wellness chronic pain coaching programs that are each rooted in the latest integrative, holistic, patient-centered, research-based theories. 


We believe that chronic pain profoundly affects both chronic pain sufferer and family thus further impacting the chronic pain sufferer. Therefore, by treating both client and family we can enhance the therapeutic reach and ultimately, the outcome.


We promise to diligently work with our clients, their families and their treating physicians to support, guide and encourage them so they're able to create balance in all aspects of their lives.


We believe by addressing the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual body systems we can create lasting effective success.


We promise that our team has adopted a continuing education mindset in order to stay current with chronic pain management advances, best coaching practices, and legislation to name a few.


We believe in continually creating a practice that collaborates with experts in fields like mental health clinicians, physicians, nurses, pharmacists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, yoga instructors, trainers and spiritual counselors.


We promise to be a resource or "tour guide" instead of "solving" and "fixing" the trials and tribulations you are grappling with so you begin to prove to yourself that you can successfully take charge of your own life...sick or not. 


We believe in creating a treatment plan based on an initial needs assessment and consistently and continually administering validated pain assessments so outcomes are transparent. 


We promise to protect your privacy and follow HIPAA guidelines/ laws

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