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Winston (Winnie)

Resident Therapy Dog, Clinical Director of Canines

Winston is a friendly and cuddly Pekingese dog who specializes in helping people, both adults and children, feel more comfortable sharing their feelings. He has a lot of fun during his sessions and his clients have a lot of fun with him, often telling us they can't wait for their next session with "Winnie."

Winston enjoys lots of treats, chewing on shoelaces, playing with toys, car rides, hugs, and traveling in his moms purse. 

Winston Headshot_LowRes.jpg

Did you know that pet therapy is proven to reduce anxiety among all age groups? It is also proven to help social skills in kids and adults with ADHD and Autism, aid in panic attacks, help with loss, grief, and reduce depression. Therapy dogs also reduce signs and symptoms of dementia in the elderly. 


Winston's preferred nicknames are "Winnie," "Win," and "Winnie the Pooh" and he is available for sessions anytime. Please ask how to book a session with Winston when you call for your next appointment, or request one online via our website. 

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