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mother, daughter and grandmother

Mother and Daughter Counselling Services

A mother/daughter relationship is one of the most important ties each will have in her lifetime. Many women have difficult relationships with their mothers and daughters, even when they want good relationships. A mother may wish her daughters happiness, yet—from the point of view of her daughter, she acts quite opposite. A mother may describe her daughter’s choices as failures criticizing her clothes, her music and friends.


Understanding the relationship is critical to young adult girls and the transition to womanhood. Daughters struggle to obtain autonomy as mothers try to protect and this is perceived as over-protectiveness and controlling. Encouraging a healthy mother daughter relationship is not an easy task. Here are some tips for mothers:


  1. Accept your children as unique human beings

  2. Avoid blaming your children if you have problems

  3. Let your children grow up

  4. Do not expect your children to change for your comfort

  5. Evaluate your desires and life goals apart from your children


If you are having difficulty managing your mother/daughter relationship, we can help you gain a deeper understanding and acceptance of each other.

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