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Marriage Counseling Services

Marriage therapy focus on the conflicts and disagreements between two people. The difference between a happily married couple or unhappy couple frequently involves the ability to discuss and resolve those differences in a positive manner that respects the interests and needs of each individual.


Common unhealthy, damaging relationship communications usually include interactions such as:


Defense responses

Dragging old information or experiences into a current argument

Put-downs, name calling (criticisms)

Hostility, or verbal or physical attacks on the other person

Lack of communication

Lack of intimacy (sexual problems)



Control Issues

Anger and Temper Issues


At Hellenic Therapy Center we see both members of the couple together, though oftentimes we will also see each person individually. The goals of marriage counseling are generally to help the couple:


Improve communication patterns

Develop empathetic, active listening skills

Improve problem-solving skills

Resolve conflicts in ways that meet the needs of both partners

Resolve differences

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