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Play Therapy

Play therapy is a therapeutic approach where play is used as a tool for exploration and communication. This approach is very effective when it comes to children's therapy, as play is to children what counseling is to adults. When children are in play, they can express emotions and feelings a lot more effectively than if they were to try to speak out. Play therapists at Hellenic Therapy Center are trained to utilize specific procedures and materials to achieve very specific objectives through play.

Understanding Play Therapy

Play therapy is a specific approach to therapy where a trained expert creates a safe and stimulating environment to encourage a child to engage in play. The therapist then observes the child at play, taking careful note of factors such as the choices the child makes as part of the engagement, behaviors, and other elements of the play process.

These actions help the therapist to interpret various aspects of the child’s psychosocial health that may help them in helping the child overcome these issues and progress towards a healthier life. By using play therapy, the expert can create a rapport with the child, build trust, and create an atmosphere of trust. This in turn makes it possible for the therapist to engage the child more effectively.

How Our Experienced Team Can Help with Play Therapy

At Hellenic Therapy Center, we understand that creating a rapport with a child can help your child overcome difficulties in expressing themselves. Our play therapy sessions help us recognize underlying behavioral issues that may hinder a child's development journey. Our approach allows us to tackle concerns such as withdrawal, aggression, and various other challenges that parents may find challenging to address solely at home. Furthermore, our play therapy seeks to address any traumas they may be experiencing. Within our safe and nurturing space, children often feel more comfortable opening up about such events.

We also recognize that play therapy fosters the development of problem-solving skills in children, which proves invaluable not only in their formative years but also as they transition into adulthood. Additionally, our sessions are designed to deal with anxiety in children, facilitated by the social bonds forged through play.

Why Choose Hellenic Therapy Center for Play Therapy?

Hellenic Therapy Centers works on the basis that therapy based on family systems rather than focusing solely on individuals produces long-lasting results. For this reason, we focus on helping individuals within a family unit understand their role in the emotional functioning of the entire family unit. Equipping the family unit with the knowledge and tools that they need to offer support to individual members is a more sustainable approach to therapy. Our highly trained experts use play therapy and other tools to help children learn to manage challenges in an interactive setting.

For more information about our play therapy services, do not hesitate to fill out our contact form, and we will get in touch with you shortly.

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