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Regina Stanley


Regina Stanley

Some of her main areas of focus include relationship conflicts, parenting issues, anxiety, and eating disorders. Regina incorporates a combination of both mindfulness practice and cognitive behavioral therapy when treating anxiety to help individuals develop strategies for self soothing while learning to understand the triggers for their anxiety symptoms.


Regina brings years of both personal and professional experience when working with eating disorders and body image issues. When necessary, Regina will encourage coordination with nutritionists for greater success. When working with children, Regina incorporates both art and play to allow children to fully express themselves in a non threatening environment.


Regina works with children however will meet with parents regularly regarding their child’s progress and also schedule to meet with other family members if appropriate.


Regina has extensive experience in working with couples and specializes in marital and family issues. Couples are treated together and individually … an approach unique to Hellenic Therapy Center. When couples are treated individually, all information is held in complete confidentiality. This approach allows the therapist to understand each member separately and together as a couple.


Regina also works at Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care Employee Assistance and Student Wellness Program providing professional counseling and related therapy services to individuals, couples, families, children, and groups.


Regina is available weekends and evenings.

Regina Stanley is a licensed marriage and family therapist. She received her Master’s degree in psychological services and professional diploma in marriage and family therapy from Kean University. Regina also serves on the Board for the Central Chapter of New Jersey Marriage and Family Therapists.

In therapy Regina creates a safe, comfortable, and respectful environment to support those working through a variety of issues. 

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