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We treat individuals, couples and families. Family systems work suggests that therapy based on family-systems principles is more likely to produce desired lasting change than working solely with individuals.



At Hellenic Therapy Center we specialize in genogram studies, which is a systemic version of a family tree. The handy symbols and organization of genograms enable one to identify and understand patterns and family history. Family therapist and Clinical Director at the Hellenic Therapy Center, Maria Sikoutris Di Iorio and her colleagues are experts of this diagnostic tool as a method of helping to view family patterns past and present.


Just take a look at our reviews testimonials below:

Maria Sikoutris Di lorio

Maria Sikoutris Di Iorio 


Clinical Director


Hellenic Therapy Center takes pride in providing excellent services. It is paramount to us that our patients are happy with the care and expertise we provide. To see what people say or to let us know how you feel please review us below. We will always strive to provide the very best of care.


"Maria saved our marriage.  We were on our way to divorcing and she helped us identify our individual triggers that led to our daily arguments"  - Judy A.

Psychology Type Areas of Practice

Learn more about Hellenic Therapy Center by exploring what we do and how we do it
theoretical orientation
Theoretical Orientation

At the Hellenic Therapy Center, we believe in treating individuals and families. Family systems work suggests that therapy based on family-systems principles is more likely to produce desired lasting change than working solely with individuals. The goal of family systems therapy is for family members to understand and accept their individual responsibility in the emotional functioning of the family unit. By learning to recognize the emotional patterns and how anxiety is handled in the family, individual members can manage themselves in healthier functional ways. Exploring your family history is an exciting way to gain insight about yourself and your family members.


Family therapy is a method of understanding and treating emotional issues and personal crisis by working with family members, than the individual. Therapy sessions focus on helping families in developing more effective, less stressful patterns of relating.


• Family Conflict

• Phobias/Anxiety/Panic

• Traumas PTSD

• Loss of Employment

• Mid Life Crisis

• Affairs/Infidelity

• Depression

• Anger

• Low Self Esteem

• Chronic Pain

• Special Needs Children

• Special Needs Adults

• Alcohol Dependence

• Relationship Conflicts

• Codependency Issues

• Lack of Boundary Issues

• Medical Issues

• Social Anxiety

• Grief/Loss

• Sexual Issues

• Sexual Abuse

• Caring for Parents with Dementia/Alzheimers

• Porn Addiction/Internet Addiction/Social Media Addiction

children and adolescents
Children & Adolescents

• Depression

• Anxiety

• Bullying

• Eating Disorders

• Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

• School Refusal/Issues

• Low Self Esteem

• Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

• Family/Sibling Conflict

• Blended Family Issues

• Loss/Grief of a Parent/Grandparent/Significant other



At The Hellenic Therapy Center we see both members of the couple together, and will also see each person individually.


Rather than referring to another therapist for individual treatment, (where you are then working with three therapists).  This allows the treating clinician to be aware of what is happening on both sides. We maintain confidentiality at all times.

• Infidelity

• Separation & Divorce

• Codependency Issues

• Love Addiction

• Lack of Boundaries in Relationship

• Financial Issues

• Depression

• Alcohol Issues

• Anger Management

• Anxiety

• Blended Family Issues

• Midlife Crisis

• Life Changing Events

• Loss/Grief

• Job Stress

• Relationship Issues

• Communication

• Trust Issues/Honesty

• Physical/Psychological Abuse


The family systems theory is a theory introduced by Dr. Murray Bowen that suggests that individuals cannot be understood in isolation from one another, but rather as a part of their family, as the family is an emotional unit.


We specialize in meeting with your entire family.

• Alcohol Abuse

• Physical/Psychological Abuse

• Grief and Loss Issues

• Conflicts Among Family Members/Siblings

• Cut-Offs Between Family Members

• Job Stress

• Medical Issues

• Blended Families – Remarriage

• Separation and Divorce

• Adjustment to Separation and Divorce

• Mother/Daughter Conflicts

• Communication Difficulties

Areas of Practice
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