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Addressing Bullying: Protecting Our Children and Taking Action


I. Introduction

- The act of bullying demands immediate attention and serious consequences.

II. Recognizing Signs of Bullying

- Most bullied children keep quiet about it, feeling embarrassed to admit they are being


- Signs to watch for include academic decline, low self-esteem, depression, sleep

problems, social withdrawal, reluctance to attend school, distancing from friends, and

episodes of crying.

III. Open Communication with Your Child

- Engage in conversations about your child's day at school, directly asking about any

incidents of bullying.

- Emphasize that reporting bullying is not tattling but a way to help others.

- Offer comfort and support to your child, assuring them that you will work together to

address the issue.

IV. Seeking Support from the School

- Inform relevant school personnel, such as teachers, guidance counselors, principals,

or the school nurse, about the bullying incident.

- All schools are legally required to have an anti-bullying policy.

- Before approaching the school, gather facts about the incident, including what

happened, who was involved, when and where it occurred, and any witnesses.

- Allow the school time to handle the problem before contacting the bully's parents.

- Stay in touch with the school and arrange a follow-up meeting to monitor the resolution


V. Parents' Role in Bullying Prevention

- Teach children problem-solving skills without resorting to violence.

- Offer positive feedback and encourage confidence in standing up for their beliefs.

VI. Advising Children Facing Bullying

- Encourage children to address the bully directly, using a calm, clear voice to tell them

to stop.

- Suggest using humor or laughter to deflect the situation if appropriate.

- If speaking up feels unsafe or difficult, advise walking away and finding an adult to


- Discourage fighting back physically and direct them to seek immediate assistance.

VII. Additional Resources

- Visit: as a source of further information and support.

VIII. Conclusion

- Parents play a crucial role in preventing and addressing bullying.

- By fostering open communication, seeking school support, and empowering children

to stand up against bullying, we can create safer environments for our children.

At The Hellenic Therapy Center, 567 Park Avenue, Scotch Plains, New Jersey, we have

a team of licensed professionals available, day evening and weekend hours. Please

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