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Stress And How To Make It Work For You


Stress is part of being alive. It can propel you to the heights of success or it can dash you to despair and an early death. Everyone experiences stress. Learning how to deal with it can be the most rewarding experience of your life.

Without stress, you’d be bored. Stress, when properly channeled, is what makes life exciting. The most successful people are those who have learned to direct their responses to daily stress. Whether you are raising children, running a corporation, or enjoying your retirement, how you resolve the moments of tension determines your success.

Stress results from a situation that can be either positive or negative. Winning a million dollars can be just as stressful as getting a divorce. When a prehistoric man met a giant cave bear, his body instantly prepared for action. His blood pressure soared, his pulse leaped, his bloodstream filled with adrenaline and noradrenaline, the stress hormones. That is the immediate physical response to stress.

Some symptoms of uncontrolled stress are: irritability, overreaction to trivial frustrations, a change in sleeping habits, increased smoking or eating, restlessness coupled with a general fatigue, feelings of inadequacy, memory lapses, decreased concentration and psychosomatic illness-tension headaches. The causes of stress are infinite. What is stress to one person can be relaxing to another. But in every case, lack of sleep and poor physical condition aggravate stressful situations. Learn ways to manage your stress. When your body begins to tell you you’re not coping with stress, LISTEN.

Know thyself. Have you taken time to study who you are? Even though self-examination can be painful, it’s worth the struggle.

  • Understand your strengths and weaknesses;

  • Set your goals – be realistic;

  • Discover what causes you stress;

  • Study your family of origin and learn what patterns have been passed down to your generation;

  • Learn why you react as you do (is it the way your mother or father reacted to situations?).

  • Exercise or take a yoga class (exercise has shown to release endorphins that help with depression and stress).

  • Take a walk

At the Hellenic Therapy Center, 567 Park Avenue, Scotch Plains, New Jersey we work with individuals and families and children dealing with everyday stressful situations. We have a team of licensed professionals who can assist you with these matters. Call 908-322-0112 or visit Appointments are available day, evening and weekend hours.

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