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How Do We Celebrate Mother's Day?

mothers day

For many of us, social distancing will make Mother’s Day challenging this year. Our traditional way of celebrating has changed. Due to the numerous stay-at-home orders in place this year, mothers may find themselves alternatively living with or without their children. Some moms may be isolated from their children and their grandchildren. Enjoying a family dinner out in one of our favorite restaurants will not be our way of celebration this year.

Are we experiencing a loss of what was at one time? Absolutely. We are social beings and look forward to being together, connecting with one another and celebrating special occasions and holidays.

Many of us may be feeling a sense of loss and we may be grieving. It is natural to feel a sense of loss during this time especially if you have lost a loved one. Some of our loved ones may be in independent or assisted living communities and visitation is restricted. The restrictions from seeing our loved one on Mother’s Day are hard on everyone. Our elderly parents are living in fear and many are afraid to leave their independent housing even if they are able to do so. It is very frustrating for us who cannot visit on such a special day. However, remember that our elderly parents are vulnerable at this age and these facilities are trying to do their best to limit the risk of infection. It is important that we do not expose them to anyone who may be carrying the virus. Social distancing is what is keeping them safe. Have everyone in the family take turns calling and sharing how special mom is in your life.

For those of us who are home and isolating together, there are many alternatives to how you might celebrate this year rather than the customary way. You don’t need to follow past traditions in order to show mom how much you love her. You can show your love in many other thoughtful ways:

  • Serve mom breakfast in bed

  • Plant flowers this year

  • Take-out dinner or cooking at home

  • Have a barbecue

  • Write a beautiful letter expressing your love

  • Offer to clean the house

  • Offer to do the laundry for a week

  • Give her personalized coupons

  • Organize a virtual party with mom using zoom

  • Take a walk all together as a family

  • Play a board game

Mother’s Day is a time for moms and their children to connect. However, let’s be mindful that some of us may have lost a loved one during this time and some of us cannot visit with our mom. We do not need to go through the Mother’s Day rituals. We can be creative this year and do something entirely different. We may not even want to celebrate. Let your family know how you feel and what you would really want on this day.

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