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yellow crocuses blooming through the snow in the spring

Spring is coming … in 32 days! What a year it has been! We have been cooped up during winter Covid-19 and now the added stress of the snowfall certainly hasn’t helped any one of us.

The good news is that we have only 32 more days to go and we will be in spring 2021! 32 days are doable for anyone. The month will go very quickly; we are half way there. Think of how you can prepare for the spring and what you would like to do once the nice weather arrives. Here are some ways you can help curb cabin fever while you stay indoors:

  • Create a schedule of tasks whether it’s cleaning a closet and getting ready for spring or a project you have been putting off for a while;

  • Exercise daily. Exercise increases endorphins and serotonin and can elevate your mood;

  • Help others. If you’re able to lend a hand to family, friends, elderly, or neighbors who can’t grocery shop, shovel snow, etc., doing so can reap benefits for them and you;

  • Limit screen time; instead read a good book, spend time with your family;

  • Plan an upcoming vacation. Everyone is looking to get away and return to somewhat of a normal life. Many people are getting vaccinated so they can travel and visit family who they haven’t seen in over one year;

  • Think positive thoughts. One way to do this is to keep a gratitude journal by your bedside. Every morning or night jot down three things you are most grateful for that day. You will be surprised at how that can shift your mindset;

  • Nourish yourself with healthy food. This is a great time to try on all your summer clothes and if you think you’ve gained the quarantine 15, now is the best time to maintain a balanced diet and exercise.

I’d like to believe that the worst is over. We all have to continue to be careful, social distance, wear our masks and be mindful and respectful with how others view Covid. We do not all have to agree in order to get along.

32 more days to go ! Let’s make the best of it. At The Hellenic Therapy Center, 567 Park Avenue, Scotch Plains, New Jersey we are available day, evening and weekend hours. We are offering zoom, phone and FaceTime sessions. Contact us or call us at 908-322-0112.


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