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Talking To Your Kids About Sex


It is often very uncomfortable for parents to begin the process of talking about the birds and the bees with their children. Most parents are not sure what they should tell their children about sex and therefore avoid the topic completely. Having age appropriate talks over the course of many years provides your child with the proper information rather than having them hear it from other children or online sources. The talk is not just one talk. It is a series of talks over time that will deepen your connection with your child and help them feel safe in coming to you with questions at different developmental stages of their lives. Once they begin questioning, it is time to begin the talk. Children who talk to their parents about sex and relationships get the invaluable benefit of thinking things through.

It is important to let your child know that they can ask you anything about sex. You can assist them by picking up age appropriate books and reading them together. You can answer their questions simply and honestly with enough information to satisfy their curiosity. Kids will usually ask another question if they need more information or if they don’t understand you. Children can only take in as much information as they are able to understand. If you give them too much information, they will get bored and not listen. Keep in mind that you may want to adjust the information you offer based on the maturity of your child.

Children develop sexually from the day they are born, just as they develop physically, emotionally and socially. Sex education begins from a very young age when we first begin to teach them the names of their body parts and the differences between girls and boys. Education begins from the home. You have the advantage of speaking with your child and giving them the factual information as well as sharing your family values. As a parent, you be the one who helps your child define and understand their sexuality. Be the one to whom they come when they have questions.

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