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When Couples Argue

when couples argue

Marriage therapy focuses on the conflicts and disagreements between two people. The difference between a happily married couple or unhappy couple frequently involves the ability to discuss and resolve those differences in a positive manner that respects the interests and needs of each individual. Happily married couples understand their own and partners emotional triggers that contribute to unnecessary anxiety, frustration and resentment in relationships. Happily married couples are characterized by respect, affection, and empathy. They pay close attention to what’s happening in each other’s life and they feel emotionally connected.

Common unhealthy, damaging relationship communications usually include interactions such as:

  • Defense responses

  • Emotional triggers (when you find yourself in a place of over-reaction, be on the lookout for your own emotional triggers)

  • Dragging old information or experiences into a current argument

  • Put-downs, name calling (criticisms)

  • Hostility, or verbal or physical attacks on the other person

  • Lack of communication

  • Lack of intimacy (sexual problems)

  • Withdrawal

  • Infidelity

  • Control Issues

  • Anger and Temper Issues

Hellenic Therapy Center specializes in marriage, individual and family therapy and we have over twenty years of experience with a “family systems” approach. At the first session we will see you together, though oftentimes we will also ask to see each person individually. Our model has proven to be very successful. We teach this approach at Rutgers University to other clinical professionals!

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