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Make Resolutions Without New Year's

make resolutions

New Year’s resolution is an ancient practice based on oaths and promises. More than 4,000 years ago, Babylonians celebrated New Year for 12 straight days in March, when the spring harvest arrived. This was also when they reaffirmed their loyalty to the old king, renewed promises with the gods, and gave worship and thanks. Today, New Year’s has become a secular tradition highly focused on self improvement. Magazines, commercials and celebrities promise improvements for the New Year through their secret weight loss tips and exercise programs. Millions of Americans promise to lose weight, exercise, quit smoking, reduce stress, get organized , quit drinking, complete a course, become a better person, spend more time with family, file their taxes on time, reduce debt, etc.

There is so much pressure placed upon us to make those New Year’s resolutions successful, that it scares people to the point that they are unable to follow through on their promises. Researchers have studied New Year resolutions and found that the first two weeks usually go as planned. However, once people start making mistakes after this period of time, it’s all downhill. Oftentimes, it’s the negative thinking that kicks in when we have had a setback. Changing behaviors won’t lead to success unless you change how you think. Replace your thoughts with positive ones. Use positive affirmations or thought stopping techniques. Do not beat yourself up just because you had a small setback. The good news is that you can turn it around. It takes at least 21 consecutive days to replace a bad habit. Keep a calendar and mark each day with your progress. If you happen to slip, start from the beginning and keep a positive mindset. No one has ever become successful without making mistakes.

Every single day is an opportunity to reinvent yourself. It does not have to be a New Year’s resolution. No reason to wait for the New Year to begin making the changes you want to make. You can achieve your goals at anytime. Take the pressure off and start whenever you are ready.

At The Hellenic Therapy Center, 567 Park Avenue, Scotch Plains, NJ we have a team of licensed clinicians available day, evening and weekend hours. Visit us on or call us at 908-322-0112.

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